Welcome Letter


 Peace is the ability  to handle conflict by peaceful means.That can be achieved by the success of mental agility and diplomacy which are the basic functıons of the United Natıons.

Dear Participants;

On behalf of our Executive Board  and Teams, it is my utmost pleasure to welcome you all to the first conference of Tanı College Model United Natıons Conference as the Secretary General.

First of all, I feel it my duty to state that since June  both academic and organizatıon teams have worked relentlessly  and efficiently to serve you a qualified and prestigious Mun  conference which can be remembered for many years.

We concentrated mostly on topics of the goals of  Model United Natıons Conferences  which raise awareness on critical issues  and improve the students’ ability to find solutions to world’s agendas.

Under the idea of our theme, “Re-create the Future” , our main aim is to serve an opportunity to all our participants to create their own ideas of the Future. Therefore, we decided to compose five committees listed as  UNSC,  UNWOMEN, UNEP, FAO and JOINT CRISIS.

I believe in my heart that you will find the committee which perfectly matches you  and you will have a chance to debate upon issues,uprising topics or fictıonal situations.

Hence, I guarantee you this three-day –long conference will contribute diversified visions  and a different thinking system to you.

The  conference will continue to put forward its thrilling crisis simulatıons which allow delegates to react and take actıons with regard to real-life crisis in the UN.

We are so excited to host you  at TANIMUN 2022  and we can’t wait for you to join us  in November 2022 for the first session of TANIMUN.

Işıl Geçgel

Secretary- General


Dear Participants,

We are very happy to finally seeing you at İzmir Tanı College Model United Nations Conference. You are all welcome !

Our biggest goal was to organize a conference with the theme “ Re-create the Future”. You, the young minds of the future , are the reason why the future can be exciting rather than scary because you are going to recreate the future. As a team, we worked so hard to reflect the meaning of our theme to all of you. For us, it was a process which included lots of brainstorming, discussion and exchange of ideas , all of which resulted in perfection.

I can speak on behalf of the entire organizatıon team how excited we all are to meet you and that motivated us a lot. In addition to spendind a full three days with you academically, we desire very much that you collect memories of fun and laughter. I hope TANIMUN 2022 will find a place ın your heart that you will always remember .

TANIMUN 2022 is a conference full of PR and ADMINS who care about each of you individually, FAT members who try to make the most accurate calculatıons, M&E members who offer you lots of information on social media and in the corridors. IT members with impressive technological capabilities , PRESSES trying to catch all your smiles. Each one is ready to present these next three days to you in the best possible way.

These three days, which may be considered too short for you, will perhaps change the future and it will be too intense for all of us. I wish you all a great TANIMUN 2022 experience.

Yours Sincerely,

Duru Öğütler

Director-General of TANIMUN 2022