In this committee you are going to represent an important person  who has a great role ın Russia-Ukraine War. You will work together with  UNSC  and you can take your decisions written on paper  between two committees. We think ıt will be great fun.



Vladimir Putin is the current president of Russia .He studied Law at Leningrad State University .He served for KGB for 15 years .He retired from KGB in 1990 . ; by 1994 he had risen to the post of first deputy mayor.

In 1996 Putin moved to Moscow, where he joined the presidential staff as deputy to Pavel Borodin, the Kremlin’s chief administrator. In July 1998 Pres. Boris Yeltsin made Putin director of the Federal Security Service,  and shortly thereafter he became secretary of the influential Security Council. Yeltsin, who was searching for an heir to assume his mantle, appointed Putin prime minister in 1999. Although he was virtually unknown, Putin’s public-approval ratings soared when he launched a well-organized military operation against secessionist rebels in Chechnya. Wearied by years of Yeltsin’s erratic behaviour, the Russian public appreciated Putin’s coolness and decisiveness under pressure. Putin’s support for a new electoral bloc, Unity, ensured its success in the December parliamentary elections.

On December 31, 1999, Yeltsin unexpectedly announced his resignation and named Putin acting president.

Putin commemorated the 20th anniversary of the adoption of the post-Soviet constitution in December 2013 by ordering the release of some 25,000 individuals from Russian prisons.

On February 12, 2015, Putin met with other world leaders in Minsk to approve a 12-point peace plan aimed at ending the fighting in Ukraine. Although fighting slowed for a period, the conflict picked up again in the spring, and by September 2015 the United Nations (UN) estimated that some 8,000 people had been killed and 1.5 million had been displaced as a result of the fighting.

The war between Russia and Ukraine is stil going on.


 He was Ukrainian actor and comedian who was elected president of Ukraine in 2019. Although he was a political novice, Zelensky’s anti-corruption platform won him widespread support, and his significant online following translated into a solid electoral base. He won a landslide victory over incumbent Petro Poroshenko in the second round of the 2019 presidential election. President Zelensky’s leadership during the Russian invasion of Ukraine won him global acclaim.


Joe Biden, byname of Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., (born November 20, 1942, ScrantonPennsylvania, U.S.), 46th president of the United States (2021– ) and 47th vice president of the United States (2009–17) in the Democratic administration of Pres. Barack Obama. He previously represented Delaware in the U.S. Senate (1973–2009).

As a senator, Biden focused on foreign relationscriminal justice, and drug policy. As vice president, Biden played an active role in the administration, serving as an influential adviser to Obama. When Obama presented the rarely given honour, he referred to Biden as “my brother.” Biden remained involved in politics and was a vocal critic of Pres. Donald Trump.

Biden immediately became a front-runner, and he pursued a platform that was considered moderate and  in South Carolina in late February Biden won a resounding victory against Sanders. In August 2020 Biden chose Kamala Harris as his running mate—she became the first African American woman to appear on a major party’s national ticket .


Emmanuel Macron, (born December 21, 1977, Amiens, France), French banker and politician who was elected president of France in 2017. Macron was the first person in the history of the Fifth Republic to win the presidency without the backing of either the Socialists or the Gaullists, and he was France’s youngest head of state since Napoleon I. He was reelected in 2022, becoming the first French president in two decades to win a second term.


By the RF Presidential Decree of 9 November 2012 he has been appointed the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation / First Deputy Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation.He is the second important man for Russia.


“For me, as Commander-in-Chief, the main thing is that we are becoming de facto alike NATO. Because NATO is not only a military and political alliance, it is also a coalition of armies, modern and advanced in all dimensions. This is a coalition of armies of civilized nations.

For me, the main thing is for us to reach a certain level, to be a civilized army, to streamline certain procedures, to get rid of everything Soviet that keeps our hands and feet bound, to start thinking NATO, to look at things as Europeans, to organize training in compliance with NATO standards, which we have already seen is very effective and efficient.

So for me, the main thing is to fulfill this task. And whether we join NATO or get the MAP is a matter to be dealt with by politicians. When will this happen? Of course, I’m concerned about it and I wish it happened faster. But we have to do our part to bring this moment closer.” said Valeriy Zaluzhnyı . He has an active role in the war and Ukraine’s  joining Nato.